Veteran’s Medical Care in the Philippines

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We received the following information from Brian Mason regarding VA medical Care in the Philippines. Since we receive quite a few inquires about VA care in the Philippines and Bob is not a veteran, we are posting Brian’s offer in the hope that it may be of help to others.

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Veteran’s Medical Facility, Manila

I am a 36 year old Veteran of Iraq and I have been living here full time for close to 2 years with many other Vets around me. The VA in Manila has good medical care and if you live far from Manila like I do, 4 hours, they have networks of other doctors in your area to serve you there so you won’t have to travel. Even when I do have to travel to Manila VA they pay my travel fare and hotel cost. Feel free to email me with any questions.

Manila Outpatient Clinic
1501 Roxas Boulevard
Pasay City, PI 1302
Phone: 632-318-8387 Or 632-318-8387
Fax: 632-310-5957
For more information see
Those qualifying for Tricare may be interested in the following Tricare Blog:  and an inquiry into massive fraud in the Tricare program in the Philippines at

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    • I am not a vet. Perhaps others can reply and help you. I gather that veteran’s services are quite different.


  1. How to call o talk to the VA In manila? I dial there number but wrong call they answer me what should i do?


    • The current VA facilities it has limited services.
      One of them is: To visit the outpatient VA clinic it has to be done with an appointment, you just cant show yourself like in the states VA hospitals. They will take care OF YOU based on your Service connection Disability or RETIREE benefits. This clinic is sponsored by the USA embassy and the VA agency.

      To initiate their services you need to call this numbers:
      Phone: 632-550-3888

      Read for your information.

      Good Luck!


  2. Hi
    I’m Veteran my self, from various conflicts 1989, 1991, 1993 and 2003, I actively use the VA Clinic, including, all my meds are air-21 deliver to my home address, Any questions let me know.

    I currently using the VOCATIONAL REHAB PROGRAM, known as Chapter 31, , which is a culturally shocking, but once you do your ground work and follow the VA counselor guidelines, you will be able to find a suitable educational institution.


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