UCC Shalom Center – Your Christian Home in Ermita, Manila

The United Church of Christ Philippines (UCCP) offers moderately priced accommodations in the Ermita/Malate district of Manila.  These are open to all, not just UCCP members, but the atmosphere is restrained and it’s certainly not the place to party or bring a bar girl.  If you want quiet, respectable accommodations where people are well-behaved and go to bed early the Shalom Center may be for you.  It bills itself as “your Christian home in Manila”.


UCC Shalom Center

UCC Shalom Center

The location is directly adjacent to the Tropicana Hotel on Luis Ma. Guerrero and is very close to the huge Robinson’s Mall and Philippine General Hospital.  It’s not a long walk to Manila Bay and the U.S. Embassy.  The UCCP is part of a fairly large complex.  In the front, facing Luis Ma. Guerrero Street is the modern concrete hotel building.  The rooms that we saw there were uninspiring. In back of this building are the more interesting accommodations in Buildings “B” and “C”  Although Guerrero Street is quite quiet, the old two wooden buildings behind the main hotel are very isolated from street noise and are shaded by big old trees.  The rooms offered in these buildings range from quite small singles and doubles, to unusually large family accommodations.  While the buildings are old and a bit decrepit, the rooms were very clean and the bedding immaculate. The floors are polished wood.  The single and doubles are priced competitively with commercial hotels.  Some of these rooms can accommodate three persons with one matrimonial bed and one single bed for P1,900 – a good price.  Some also have trundle beds for additional guests (P450 each additional guests).

UCCP Shalom Center Building C

UCCP Shalom Center Building C

shalom room

A standard room in building C. Sleeps three for P1,900, a good value

UCCP Shalom Center Building C

UCCP Shalom Center Building C

shalom cr

Small, basic and clean bathroom

shalom center C sitting area

Sitting room, second floor, building C

Room tips:  Room C3 was pretty small.  Family room C9 was especially large and had a refrigerator

If you like the friendliness, respectability, quiet and character of the Shalom Center, you might prefer it to a more anonymous commercial hotel, such as the Hotel Soriente which we like and have reviewed.  If you are a larger family or church group the family rooms at the Shalom Center are an excellent and economical choice.

Taxi drivers may not be familiar with the location.  You can tell them it’s near to the Pedro Gil entrance to Robinson’s Mall, Ermita.  Once you get there you are very close to the Shalom Center.  Just have them turn right onto Guerrero St.  They may know where the Tropicana Hotel is.  The Shalom Center is right next door.

Website: http://www.uccpshalomcenter.ph/reserve_main.jsp  The online reservation system is a bit indefinite.  Your request may be acknowledged but not confirmed.  It’s probably best to make your reservation by phone.

1660 Luis Ma. Guerrero St., Malate, Manila, Philippine Reservations: +632-524-6242

Early 2013 rates below: