TURP Prostate Surgery in Manila

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Cost of TURP ( transurethral resection of the prostate) in Manila, Philippines. I visited the National Kidney and Transplant Institute for a checkup and to explore the option of TURP surgery.  I spoke with a urologist, Dr. Emmanuel V. Lenon and had an ultrasound.  Dr. Lenon said that very few TURP surgeries are done now because drug therapy generally controls BPH.  He said that TURP surgery would cost P80,000 to P90,000 if done at NKTI or about $2,000.  This is about the same as this surgery would cost in Iloilo City.  This was in May 2012.  For comparison, take a look at costs for this surgery in Singapore  The Singapore link not only shows the cost of the surgery but how many many operations are performed at big Singapore hospitals.  Singapore General Hospital performed 140 TURP surgeries  1 Jan 2012 to 31 Aug 2012 or just about one TURP per week-day.  This Singapore Ministry of Health site is really exemplary, showing costs and volumes of medical treatment at the major Singapore hospitals.

National Kidney and Transplant Institute, Quezon City, Metro Manila

This was our first visit to NKTI.  NKTI is a hybrid public hospital serving both the poor and the affluent.  Diagnostic and other facilities for private pay patient patients are quite nice.  We’ve heard that private pay patient rooms are also very nice, but we did not get a chance to see them.  NKTI, like the Philippine Heart Center, seek to attract private pay patients, to compete for these patients with some of the upscale Manila hospitals such as The Medical City and Asian Hospital.  We have to frankly say that while the facilities for private pay patients were good, we did not feel the staff were especially attentive.  This is understandable.  Doctors at NKTI have a large caseload of public patients, many of them with very serious conditions.  The doctors are dedicated and perhaps are a bit resentful of being pulled away to cater to private pay patients with more trivial problems.

NKTI diagnostic area

National Kidney & Transplant Institute
East Avenue, Diliman
Quezon City 1101

NKTI Numbers

Phone: (63) (2) 981-0300, 981-0400


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  1. How many days do a patient needs to stay at the hospital after a turp procedure? Thanks.


  2. how much of this procedure will be covered by philhealth –i will be having it done at university of St thomas Hospital manila
    David M meyer


    • David, our one experience (surgery at Manila Doctor’s Hospital) PhilHealth saved us almost $1,000. I went for a TURP consultation at the Kidney Center in Quezon City. The urologist said that they don’t have enough requests for TURPS to train their staff in how to do them. Medications almost always can reduce BPH symptoms and are much safer than surgery. TURP is major surgery with the possibility of serious/unpleasant complications. Of course the medications do have side effects. That’s why I enquired about a TURP. If I could, I’d have one of the more advanced options, TUMT, TUNA etc. preferably in Singapore or the U.S., but for now I am sticking with finasteride and tamsulosin. By the way, some Filipinos have TURPs done at public hospitals because they cannot afford these medications. Please keep us posted on how it goes. Best wishes. Bob and Carol.


      • HiI am thinking of booking in to University Of Saint Thomas for the T.U.R.P.S BUt a bit worried about the competency of the Drs –And will i be covered –I am married to a Filipino –Covered By her hik Health –cant seem to find out for how much though ,,What you are saying about lack of experience on part fo doctors I find bit worrying ..
        How long ago was ths ?
        Thanks for the info

        David Meyer


        • David,

          I visited the Kidney Center a couple of years ago. There is a UST urologist who posts YouTube videos of his TURPs and other urological surgery. Going back a few years, a TURP in Iloilo cost a local P60,000, perhaps P100,000 for a foreigner. Do you really, really need a TURP? Drugs don’t work? I take Finasteride and Tamsulosin and they work for me. A TURP is not a minor surgery. If I needed one, I would go to Singapore where they offer less invasive alternatives to TURP.



          • Hi again _-At this stage i have to wear a catheter as the Urinary tract is blocked,,They tell me at the University of St thomas Hospital .T.hat i need the operation …I have taken down the name of the drugs that you mentioned thanks a lot for your help
            David M Meyer


            • David,

              Finasteride takes months of use to be effective. Over those months it shrinks the size of the prostate, thereby (hopefully) reducing the pressure on the ureter. The other drug, Tamsulosin (otherwise know as Flowmax I think) relaxes the muscles in the pelvic area making it easier to get the flow going. Both have side effects, but I have been using them for years. I take them as a combination drug called Veltam-F made by Intas in India. You can get a combination drug in the Philippines, but it costs about twice as much. You may well need the surgery but have it done by someone who has done many of them. There is this urologist at UST: Dennis G. Lusaya ,MD, FPCS, of University Of Santo Tomas Hospital
              Room 108, Espana, Sampaloc
              Manila, 1008
              Phone: 632-7499780
              Fax: 632-7407115
              Email: dglusaya@yahoo.com
              Website: usthospital.com.ph

              Dr.Dennis G. Lusaya is a Urologic Oncologist. He specializes in the treatment of Urologic malignancy especially prostate cancer. He had his training under the mentorship of Professor Anthony J. Costello(www. tonycostello.com.au)of Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne Australia. He is the one who has posted videos of doing a TURP on YouTube.

              Dr. Steve Nazareth was mentioned on a website as offing a TURP package for about $2600 at Makati Med. That was a few years ago

              You could also go to the Philippine Kidney Center and consult with them.

              If you are an American with Medicare, you could fly to Honolulu and have it done there.

              Good luck!


              • hi again appreciate your comments and advice i was on a drug called diuart–i think this is the brand name for the drugs you gave…i cant travel otherwise i would go back to Aussie and get it done there –Also have a heart problem …Are the doctors here not competent enough –Is that why you suggest travel to singapore ?

                Thnks for your help
                David M Meyer


                • David, there are some excellent doctors in the Philippines. The problem is separating the best from the rest. I am sure you can have a good TURP in Manila. I mentioned Singapore as I have had tests done at Singapore General Hospital which are not available in the Philippines. Singapore is determined to have world class health care. The training is good and the equipment modern. They offer some of the less traumatic treatments for prostate treatment. If I went to SGH I would feel confident that the level of care would be excellent. Use the drugs if you can; Avodart or Finasteride combined with Tamsulosin


                  • hi again really appreciate your help! Am following up the surgeon you gave me at University saint thomas thomas.will book a appoint with him –Not really well enough to travel ..But he looks like reliable one

                    Again Many thanks
                    David M Meyer


                    • Best wishes and please give us a report — hopefully a very positive one. It can be a big help to other old guys facing similar problems.

  3. I had a TURP operation in May 2013 completed at Silliman Medical Center, Dumaguete. Negros Oriental. Total cost inc Surgeon and anaesthetist fees and all hospital fees about 110,000 pesos. I was extremely satisfied with the service and the outcome. I can now help others get Prostate sorted with the same surgeon.


    • Hi All,

      My name is Brian and I would like to help my father with prostate Stage 3. Since my father left us 10 years ago and I had received this bad news from my cousin, I felt really sad probably because my mother just had a cancer in the colon a few years back not to mention he financial implications.

      May I know to which hospital you can suggest him to do his operation if needed again and how much it will cost me for the drugs?

      As far as I know, he had undergone his first operation and the doctors didnt manage to remove all as the bars are already hardened . He now wears a catheter and find it difficult to travel.

      -Just a son who cares for this father.



      • Brian, this is what the American Cancer Society has to say:
        Stage III cancers have grown outside the prostate but have not reached the bladder or rectum (T3). They have not spread to lymph nodes or distant organs. These cancers are more likely to come back after treatment than earlier stage tumors.

        Treatment options at this stage may include:

        External beam radiation plus hormone therapy
        Radiation (external beam plus brachytherapy), possibly with a short course of hormone therapy
        Radical prostatectomy in selected cases (often with removal of the pelvic lymph nodes). This may be followed by radiation therapy.
        Men who are older or who have other medical problems may choose less aggressive treatment such as hormone therapy (by itself) or even active surveillance.

        Taking part in a clinical trial of newer treatments is also an option for many men with stage III prostate cancer.

        One to do is a very personal decision. One could go all-out on treatment which would involve lots of discomfort. Or one could choose palliative care to make his remaining time as comfortable as possible. If he has already had a prostatectomy, another operation could cause much pain without much chance of success. We like Manila Doctor’s Hospital as a good balance between competent and affordable care. Best wishes.


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