Tirol and Tirol Resort (TNT) in Boracay – a memorial

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The Tirol and Tirol Resort on Boracay was one of the earliest upscale resorts on Boracay Island.  This White Beach resort  has recently been sold and perhaps demolished.  Carol and I stayed there in March of 2009.  We’re posting a few photos as our memorial to one of the old-line Boracay resorts, one which did not crowd the maximum amount of guest rooms on the available land, allowed for some open space and which made good use of natural materials.  Note that as far as we know this resort is no longer in existence so please don’t contact us for information or reservations.  These photos are for nostalgia only.  Thanks

Entrance to Tirol and Tirol Resort on Boracay’s sandy “main street” path. 2009.

Tirol and Tirol Beach Resort, Boracay, Philippines

Cogon grass roofed cottages, sand paths and open space at Tirol and Tirol Resort, Boracay

A vanishing era at Boracay

Uncrowded but right on White Beach, Boracay

Cogon roofed cottage at Tirol and Tirol Resort

The beginning of the end of Tirol and Tirol?

The beginning of the end of Tirol and Tirol? March 2009


Site of former Tirol and Tirol Resort as of June 2013

Next door is the Boracay Regency, a more modern Boracay Resort



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  2. what took its place, Bob? haven’t been back for a while—El Centro next door was our favorite.


    • Natie,

      Good to hear from you! The TNT property was divided. The smaller part has been developed. From what I understand, the bulk of the property will be redeveloped as a luxury resort.

      Bob and Carol


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