UPDATED: Special Philippine Retirement Visa Offered to Veterans – Free Assistance

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soldierA special Philippine retirement visa is being offered to veterans*  by the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA).  Normally, a Philippine Retirement Visa requires a $10,000 to $50,000 deposit.  As a trial, the PRA is currently permitting foreign veterans to qualify for the “Expanded Special  Courtesy SRRV visa” which only requires a $1,500 deposit. This offering is not listed on the PRA website, but is available at this time.  Several other groups of foreigners who have rendered service to the Philippines also qualify.  See memo below.

The application requirements :

  • Police clearance from home country.
  • Proof of pension, minimum of $1,500 per month.
  • Medical Clearance. This can be obtained through the PRA.
  • DD214 showing honorable discharge.
  • Over 50 years old.
  • Deposit to be maintained in participating Philippine bank: $1,500.00
  • Application fee $1,400.00
  • NO annual fee payable to the PRA except $10.00 fee for I.D. card renewal

SRRV FOR VETERANS FREE APPLICATION ASSISTANCE.  Maria Rose Baranda is a myphilippinelife.com reader and is accredited by the Philippine Retirement Authority to assist those of any nationality desiring to obtain a Philippine SRRV retirement visa.  She will personally handle your application from start to finish. Ms. Baranda receives a fee from the PRA to help applicants through the SRRV application process.  This fee is why she able to provide free help to you.  She cannot receive the fee without a form being in the file to show that you have requested her help.  In the past, some applicants have been given extensive help by Maria Rose and then they have submitted applications directly, thereby depriving Maria Rose of her fee.  Signing the form does not obligate the applicant in any way.  It is just an assurance that Maria Rose will receive credit from the PRA for the information and help that she provides you.

Maria Rose promises prompt personal attention, no bribes and no dodgy-backdoor dealings.  If interested, email us at myphilippinelife@outlook.com.  We will forward your request to Maria Rose. Please download the assistance form below and then print it out, and email it to the above email address.  If you need help with the form, let us know.  Click this link for the form:  Assistance_Request_SRRV.pdf

Note:  It’s our understanding that a veteran of any country having a defense treaty with the Philippines qualifies  for this visa.  There is a list of the countries  HERE.  These include: Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, U.S.A. and Vietnam.

Below is a copy of Philippine Retirement Authority Circular 12:

PRA Circular 12

PRA Circular 12




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  1. Bob, I am a retired U.S. Navy veteran, over 50 years of age residing in the U.S.. I am married to a Filipina presently living in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga. I wish to relocate to the Philippines to be with my wife and this veterans program looks like the way to go. Firstly, can I apply for this program while still in the U.S.? And if so while completing the Certificate of Certificate Form and in the principal residence section would I use my address in the U.S, or my address in the Philippines? Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
    John W. Erker 05/03/2017


    • Yes, the SRRV for Vets is a great deal. You must apply when you are in the Philippines on a tourist visa. It will take two to four weeks for processing. Ms. Baranda can help you make sure that you bring everything you need from the U.S. in proper form.


  2. Dont waste yr money . Many more and cheaper versions there. Ive been triying to get my money back for two years. Look at the number of unrenewed visas on their website. Coincidence? Dont be naive’.


  3. Bob, Is the 50 year old age requirement for the military veteran SRRV fixed or can I get this courtesy SRRV at 44 yrs old?


  4. Bob
    In my opinion:
    If you are married to a Filipina, is best to let her be your sponsor for your resident permanent VISA.
    All this promotion on this board topic is a bit suspicious and it sounds “to good , to be true”.

    The Intramuros immigration, it is plug and play process, all you need to do is research and ask questions.

    The problem that most expats have is that they are to lazy to their job, and rather have someone to do it for themselves. Because they got money and want to live a rich live without hassles. Not every ex-pat is the same.

    There is a new Pinoy banking Law.
    All direct deposits in USD currency, are to be deposit into a dollar account. Other wise, they would not be accepted. BPI bank is requiring 500.00 USD as deposit to open a dollar account.
    I rather do every month an International wire transfer, instead of keeping all my monies in a very fragile and unstable economy.


  5. Bob

    Does this VISA applies only to single veterans? Because been married to a Filipino citizen is a lot cheaper to obtain legal alien permanent residence. sponsor by the wife…Avoids all this financial nightmares.


    • David,

      My guess is that it does. I’d be glad to refer you to Maria Rose Baranda who could help you. She does not charge anything for her services.



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