Review – Dong Bei Dumplings, Binondo, Manila

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Dong Bei Dumplings is a small Binondo, Manila restaurant offering homemade Beijing-style dumplings at affordable prices.   In fact, when we were there, the dumplings we ordered were freshly made for us at an adjoining table.  You don’t get much fresher than that!  Just keep in mind that this is a small, simple, unpretentious neighborhood eatery, but one which has received high praise on Trip Advisor and various foodie sites.  It’s not the place to take your boss or girlfriend to impress them unless they share you passion for economical eateries.

Dong Bei first came to our attention on Ivan Man Dy’s “Big Bindondo Food Wok” map of Binondo.  We never would have found it on our own.  This map shows the restaurants, shops and cultural attractions of Binondo.  For information on how to get a copy see

Mr. Man Dy offers guided tours of Binondo.  See  He has been tireless in his efforts to explain and promote Binondo and the Chinese heritage of Manila.

On our first visit we arrived at Dong Bei late on a Sunday afternoon, not long before closing.  This meant that most of the dumpling fillings (including shrimp and pork) were not available.  The only filling available was green onion.  So, while the food was good, it was limited.  We went back again and had a much better selection of fillings.

Dong Bei Dumpling Restaurant, 642 Yuchengo (Nueva) Street, Binondo, Manila.


This will give you a feeling for just how small Dong Bei is.

We had the impression that Dong Bei’s main business is making dumplings for other sellers and that running a restaurant is something of a sideline.

Beef soup with home-made noodles

Pork-Cilantro dumpling soup

The “pancakes” were the star of our meal.

Dumplings being made at an adjoining table

Dong Bei menu (December 2012)

Dong Bei specials

Making dumplings

Update:  December 2012.

Dong Bei Dumpling Restaurant, 642 Yuchengo (Nueva) Street, Binondo, Manila.

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  1. That looks soooo good! Was the green onion dumpling vegetarian? If so, were they any good? I want to visit Binondo soon so if you have any restaurant suggestions for a vegetarian I would super appreciate it! Thanks!


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