Proper syntax for using CHKDSK/F to correct Windows 7 disk problems

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Proper syntax for using CHKDSK/F to correct Windows 7 disk problems. This assumes that you are trying to fix disk problems by restarting (rebooting) your computer using the Windows Repair CD or DVD you previously made.

I was attempting to recover from hard disk problems. I knew I had to reboot my PC using the Repair Disk, but once I had gotten to the command prompt (choose a recovery tool -> command prompt) what is the correct way to run CHKDSK/F to repair the disk problems? I did a little research online. It was amazingly unhelpful. So, here is the correct syntax. The prompt which will be displayed on your screen is
If you have 64 bit Windows the prompt may say x:\windows\system64>
Once you have the X: prompt, type this after the prompt
chkdsk c:/f
What you’ll have on your screen now is x:\windows\system32>chkdsk c:/f
Hit the enter key.

That’s all there is to it. Windows will proceed to check your disk and hopefully resolve any problems.  I am documenting what I did so next time I have the same problem, I’ll be able to refer to this again.  I hope it may help others as well.
As a former Mac user, I am just amazed at all the care and feeding Windows requires. Fortunately I am retired and can spend the time needed to keep Windows running properly. For the retiree, Windows can be a hobby. For those not seeking such a hobby, I suggest buying a Mac!



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  1. Bob, just a heads-up that modern hard drives are self-repairing. If the problems are visible to the OS, it may be time to replace the drive.


  2. Nice to know that I made a good decision buying a MacBook Air for my move and transition of my retirement life in the Philippines. My first computer, a looong time ago, was a MacIntosh. I never related it to today’s Apple computers. And the computers I’ve had in between were all run by Windows. So, here I am with my MacBook Air and I’m wondering why I’ve never had an issue.

    It was my husband who pushed me to buy an Apple and I resisted because I thought it was expensive to buy an Apple brand. And here I am in the Philippines and I love this little laptop which I use every day for the past 2 years without a hitch. We just bought a 27′ Apple computer about four months ago through the Apple Online Store and had sent it to my sister’s in California and she brought it over along with her for about a hundred bucks as an excess luggage. No sweat!

    I am so glad I listened and got a Mac and also glad this article verified that I made a good decision. Great article! Let


    • The 27″ iMac must be lovely! Just for balance, I have to say the pain of keeping Windows up and running does have some advantages, especially in the Philippines. Parts and service for Windows PCs are widely available here. In Iloilo City there are at least dozens of shops filled with computer geeks who can fix just about anything wrong with a Windows PC. If it’s not a laptop Windows PC, which often has specialized parts, the situation is especially great as the parts are very standardized and widely available.

      Macs are generally well made and very reliable. We still use a 12″ Powerbook G4 that we bought in 2004. It has never been opened or cleaned, because, like many Macs, it’s hard to take apart. However, it just keeps running. Also, Windows software is more easily available in the Philippines.

      All that said — I’m still jealous of that 27″ Mac!



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