Review – Phaidon Beach Resort, Pandan Antique

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Phaidon Beach Resort, Pandan Antique

We spent the night at the Phaidon Beach Resort.  To get there, turn off the main highway and go about seven kilometers in the direction of Libertad.  The road is rough, but scenic.  We stayed in the cheapest available accommodation at Phaidon, one of the air-con cottages shown above.  The cottage cost P2,400 including a basic breakfast.  The resort was very beautiful.  The design, landscaping and maintenance of Phaidon was top-notch, exquisite really, but some minor quibbles;  the cottage itself was pretty, but the the bedding was very skimpy.  The dim lighting made reading difficult.  This is a common problem in Philippine hotels.  Maybe they think all guests are honeymooners!  In the future we’re going to bring our own reading light when we travel with our own vehicle.

Beach - Phaidon Beach Resort, Pandan Antique

I have one more complaint or perhaps it’s a suggestion.  It’s an issue which we have seen at other resorts with air conditioned cottages.  The windows in the cottages are sealed, so when they are vacant they get no fresh air and the rooms end up being damp and musty.  There are no screens so you can’t turn off the air-con and open the windows, so you are forced into turning on the air con even if you’d prefer to open the windows and enjoy the sea breezes, saving the resort owner money and being a bit more “green”.

Cottages - Phaidon Beach Resort, Pandan Antique

We were delighted with our dinner at Phaidon.  Some resorts gouge captive guests on meal prices, but our dinner at Phaidon was excellent and reasonably priced.  Carol had beef kaldereta (a Philippine beef stew or ragout) and Bob a German-style meatloaf.

In the morning we had breakfast at Phaidon, also excellent.  After checking out we resumed our journey. We returned to the main highway at Pandan and headed toward Caticlan.

Phaidon may arrange outings to various destinations such as Igpasungaw Falls and the Bugang River, snorkeling at Mararison Island and perhaps other destinations.

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  1. Yes, this is a really great place…we was there in year 2006 and now in 2013 and we cannot believe how this little Resort improved. All Bungalows and new rooms are perfect upgraded with first class facilities, new air cons, hot water everywhere, Refs, cable TV, Free Wifi, 2 Bars, a new Restaurant and wow the menus are awesome. Even on the activity section a superb improvement….I love Scuba diving with this guys and equipments and the rates are compare to Boracay a lot cheaper. Excellent dive crew and dive master.
    And even the beach getting more and more whiter and the surrounding is very well maintained…really great job ! and we will be back not in seven years, we will be back in two !
    I only have to say….welcome to the Paradise


  2. Yeah I was there last month w /a friend in Phaidon Beach Resort
    The people are very friendly and accomodating, The rooms are already upgraded with a fantastic paintings , with refrigerator and a cable t.v free wifi nice ventilation on the room.fantastic food, nice ocean view and sunset and nice cocktail drinks. I recommend the best Resort in Antique.


  3. Thanks for sharing on Phaidon Resort. We will stay there when we do our Panay trip early next year. We will do Mindoro and then proceed to Panay and hopefully, Negros!


  4. Yeah, great, superb !! I really have to say that. Just 3 years ago I visit this unique place and even just this April 2011. I only was surprised how the Resort upgrades their facilities. New Villas and Bungalows in a wonderful tropical garden.
    The Restaurant upgrades with an amazing view and the new Cafe de Antique serves excellent Cocktails. So we spent several nights there to watch the stars and enjoy the breeze. Also the Host and his well trained staff are always around with a smile and give us ideas what to do. So my wife and I took advantage for Scuba Diving and we was really in unspoiled areas with tons of fish, corals and creatures.
    I have really to recommend this place when you are tired of crowded destinations. Hopefully it will not take us another 3 years to come back….we see us soon.


  5. My wife and I spent 6 nights in Phaidon Beach Resort. We loved the stay, the flowers and trees were a awesome sight, the owners are a friendly family and the staff were very very friendly also, the cottages and rooms were kept clean daily. The meals are excellent. The view of the mountains and the sea around the resort are just awesome. We would highly recommend this resort to anyone going to the the Philippines on Panay Island. It is a beautiful getaway. We are going back in the future.

    Jim&Carole Newhouse


  6. Wow, we stayed in the same resort when i was in Pandan, Antique. I especially loved the ambiance of this place, maybe it was good timing i spent very little on my stay here. but yeah maybe they could air out a bit the rooms, but the food was excellent and the owners were very friendly. i went there alone and i never felt lonely in my brief stay here. I don’t know anyone in Antique so it was real brave of me to go here. Stayed in boracay for a day, left for antique the next day with just a map. i love the beach because you can’t see anyone, i was very relaxed when i was here. I miss the dog and the little quaint sari-sari store. it was really good experience =)


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