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If you’re looking for superlative Philippine charity, it’s hard to imagine anything better than Operation Yuhum.  In the Hilagaynon or Ilonggo dialect of the central Philippines, “yuhum” means grin or smile.  It’s hard to imagine a program which could bring more smiles to the children, their parents, medical workers and volunteers involved in Operation Yuhum.  The program has helped to provide reconstructive  surgery to hundreds of children on Panay Island, children who were born with deformities such as cleft lip and cleft palate.  Before surgery, many of these beautiful children were ashamed to be seen in public, too ashamed to go to school.  Their childhood and future prospects were deeply darkened.   The operations they receive for free from Operation Yuhum are profoundly transforming for these children, their families, and the medical staff and volunteers who work with them.  Information on how you can help follows a few photos I took at a Operation Yuhum clinic at West Visayas Medical Center, a public hospital in Iloilo City.

Former Miami police officer Larry Mally has dedicated his retirement in the Philippines to helping local children and their families.

An Operation Yuhum at West Visayas Medical Center in Iloilo City

Larry Mally attending to paperwork at Operation Yuhum clinic.


Much more information, including photos, videos and links are available on the Operation Yuhum website.  Your support will be appreciated and put to the best possible use – bringing a new life to a Philippine child.


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  1. Bob,

    Operation Yuhum is now a incorporated non-profit! Our incorporation papers were just approved and we have held our first board meeting. This will mean that we can expand our operations and help donors get full tax deductions.

    For donors in the United States, there is a US-based, affiliated non-profit that can accept tax-deductible dollar donations.

    For European donors, we have a Swiss bank account.

    Keep up the good work.



  2. Thanks for that update. I WILL Look into donating when I get home to Iloilo from Work here in Southern Iraq!!! Have a good one!!


    • Rick,

      I’m sure they’ll appreciate what ever you can do — and use the money well.



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