Operating costs for split air conditioning unit.

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Samsung 1.5 HP Split Air Conditioning Unit

How much does it cost to run an air conditioner in the Philippines?

Now that hot weather has arrived, we’ve been able to calculate how much power our 1.5HP Samsung inverter split air conditioner consumes and how much it costs to run in the Philippines.  Running 24/7 cooling a 25 square meter bedroom with high ceilings, big windows, no insulation and NE exposure, our unit uses about 10KWH per day.  Our electric rate is about P10 per KWH so it costs us about P3,000 ($US 70) per month to cool our bedroom to about 80F.

Our total electrical usage without any air conditioning is around 310KWH or P3100 ($US 72) per month.  It’s that high because we have a big refrigerator and security lights.

This is an update to our earlier post about buying Samsung split air conditioning units.  You can find that post at /our-philippine-house-project-air-conditioning/

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  1. Hello. I’m in the process of sourcing split type air conditioner for our new under construction house. I’m looking at panasonic and samsung. A friend of mine is recomending Panasonic. But they say the problem with Panasonic is that whenever you need your units serviced, you have to wait for a long queue. Some say Sumsung is not that bad.
    Which brand would you recommend?


    • Alex,

      That’s a tough question. We bought Samsung but our decision was based on some incorrect cooling capacity information on the Samsung website which has since been corrected. The bad info made it appear that the cooling capacity of the Samsung was significantly better than the Panasonic. In reality, they are about the same. If it was not for the Samsung misinformation, we would have bought the Panasonic because we have great regard for Panasonic engineering and quality. That said, we have been running our Samsung units for three years now without a problem. Samsung service (in Iloilo) is prompt. Bottom line: we’d buy Panasonic. Our Samsung inverter just does not seem to have the attention to detail it should have. We have a rusting case and screwheads. The inverter unit is made in Thailand. The other, conventional Samsung is made in China and seems better made than the Thai unit.

      Bob and Carol


  2. Hi,

    I work from home and I’m planning to put up an aircon for my small room/office in my house which is only about 10m/3m in size.

    And only planning it to use on daytime max is 8hours per day.

    My aunt wanted to sell her 2.0 aircon hitachi and I’m taking it.

    So how much would an 8hours a day (weekdays only) will cost me using a 2.0 aircon?.

    Thanks n advance,


    • Shiro,

      This seems a very big unit for a small room. It might be OK if the Hitachi is an inverter type, but if conventional you may get lots of cooling and little dehumidification resulting in a cold but clammy environment.



      • Oww, okay I have another option.

        I’m planning to buy a Hitachi 0.5,
        It has 528W and upon calculating it using Meralco’s Appliance calculator.

        An 8hrs use on weekdays in a month will only cost me 900 less per month? Is this accurate?.



        • David,

          Yes, a 1/2hp unit makes much more sense. If it’s 528 Watts and runs eight hours per day, that’s about 4 kWh per day. Here, the cost of power is about P11 per kWh so about P45 per day, so the Meralco calculation seems correct. Of course it depends on the weather, how cold you like your room to be etc. If the unit is not on full blast all the time, it may cycle on and off and use less electricity than the estimate.

          Hope this helps.



          • Wow!, not a bad deal.

            Thanks a lot Bob, I was searching for stuffs and infos about how much it would cost me to run an aircon on my room.

            Thanks again!,


  3. Hai
    My electrical bill is exactly zero, every month again.
    I do not have (any possibility) for an electrical connection.
    That forced me to rethink the aircon situation carefully.
    Building the house on top of the hill with windows all around, a 2 meter patio with low roof overgang, a high roof in the house and good roof isolation seems to have worked and i sometimes just have to get out of my bed in the middle of the night to close a few windows if the wind get to strong.
    Add a few solar panels, a few truck batteries, a small 24V fridge and some LED lights and life is pretty comfortable, with enough power left for radio, computer and the x-mas tree.
    For the washing machine, the noisy generator is running a few hours, but we do not seems to be able to finish 15 litres of diesel in a month.
    In my opinion, an airconditioning is an admission that basic design principles were not optimal. After completing my house, i saw many systems which were used in Spain and Greece many ages ago and i wondered why we lost that technology…..
    Great website.
    Learned a lot from it.
    Send me yr email and I’ll send you a copy of my experiences. Not so nice like yours, but maybe still interesting.


    • Paul,

      Thanks so much for the material you sent to me — it’s terrific. You’ve provided as much or more information in a few pages than I have in this whole blog. I hope you’ll let me put it up here for others to benefit.



    • I grew up in an island of Camiguin, Philippines and I was wondering if you can share the technology you saw in Spain and Greece that could be useful there in the island. I know technologies such as windmill, solar and hydro makes usable power without adding carbon to our world. Thank you very much for your time.



  4. Hi,

    We have samsung aircon 1hp ( i forgot the model, and it’s digital). Before, our bill was around P1700 per month. Now we are paying almost P4000 after it was installed. We run the aircon every night for about 8 to 10 hours. The room where the aircon is installed is not big. It has four walls and the two walls are made of woods (set of ply woods). Im wondernig if it is just normal or there is something wrong, like wrong choice of the product, or wrong size of electric wires, etc……


    • Any reply would be sheer guesswork given all the variables. I can just say that our bill is about P4,500 when we use aircon in our bedroom every night and about P3,500 when we use it infrequently. Our aircon unit is a high-efficiency inverter unit and we don’t keep our bedroom cold, just cool it a bit. Reportedly, each one degree C of cooling costs an additional 15%.

      So, compared to our situation, your expense does seem high.



  5. hi, i have kolin ac with 0.6hp, i live in cebu city. i wonder how much does it cost me per month when i use it 8hours to 10 per day?

    thanks 🙂


    • Cyd,

      There are just too many variables to give you a good answer — room size, how cold you like it, efficiency and maintenance of unit and so on.



  6. Help!
    I’m planning to buy my parents an airconditioning unit for their room(small room) but I don’t know what to buy.I need suggestions for unit & price.Thanks gid..


  7. Here in Vanuatu, I pay anything from US$400 – to $500 per month for our 3 bedroom house, running the aircon (2400w) 8 hours a night cost about $10…and a fan (18w) in turn cost 0.26cents a night…so I run the aircon 1 hour with the fan, and then switch of the aircon and keep the fan…I have calculated I could run about 130 fans for the same price of running the air con…


    • Im planning on buying an aircon for my sister inlaw $437usd for a 1.5 split unit there house is all concrete do you think it wil be efficien or will i need a bigger unit to cool the upstairs bed rooms the best i figure is the whole house up stairs and sown is 1300 or 1400 square feet thanks


      • I don’t see a 1.5hp unit cooling more than about 250 to 300 square feet. We have a 1.5hp Samsung inverter in our 270 sq ft bedroom and it’s really undersized. If you want to cool the whole house you’ll need multiple units.


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  10. Bob, I’ve seen that tip about boric acid, but haven’t managed to find any at the drugstores in Iloilo. Any particular drugstore you might suggest? If not, guess I’ll have to try a welding shop.

    By the way, we have a regular Carrier air con in our bedroom and run it 9 hours a night. My bill was running around P3,000 a month but dropped to 1,200 last month. Our local “power company” in nearby Guimaras has now installed a new meter. Seems the old meter wasn’t turning. If it wasn’t turning, how come I even got a bill? Hate to see next month’s bill, even though we’ve been in Manila most of the month working on getting my Permanent Visa.


    • Hi Dave,

      We bought our boric acid at Far Eastern Hardware on Quezon St. in Iloilo City. We have had very good luck with Far Eastern in general. We bought much of our construction supplies for our house from them.

      The stuff we bought is called “Anti-Borax” Brazing Flux and costs P115 for a one pound can.

      We had a similar experience with our meter. We moved into an apartment in Tigbauan, Iloilo. It had three split aircon units, one in each bedroom and a larger one in the living room. My son was visiting from the US and he ran his unit continuously. We were amazed when our electric bill arrived and it was less than P100. This went on for a few months. We realized that the meter was not working at all. Since the apartment had been vacant for a few months before we moved in so the utility was used to low usage. Finally the utility figured out that the meter was bad and replaced it. They calculated back charges and sent us a bill which we paid.

      After that we used the one HP Panasonic split in our small bedroom most nights. That apartment was so hot! Our bill was generally about the same as yours, P3,000 to P3,400.

      Good luck with the 13a. I have an SRRV but at some point might convert to a 13a to get my $10K SRRV deposit back.


      Bob Hammerslag


  11. The lowest Meralco bill I had so far was 2900 pesos, for some reason Meralco keeps charging those extra charges for their services and fees. I even cut down the usage of the electric rice cooker. Still cheap in comparison to the USA outrageous electric bills.

    The fuel prices, are the ones you got to watch like an eagle.
    I’m retired like you are, and living in a budget, it is not fun at all. Still my wife and I managed to survived the game of high cost. Is all about modifying your life style. knowing what to buy for a good price, We love going to the market twice a week, the price for vegies is affordable. Living a luxury life is out of the question.


    How do you deal with THE industrious and friendly foraging little friends called “BLACK ANTS”.
    Me and my wife are like janitors, sanitation is our middle name, yet those god given creatures are becoming a nuissance, We try from hot water with soap, cornstarch, vinegar, chemical attacks, and what ever the internet could offer, still they are outside and venturing inside the house.
    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you


    • Many recommend using boric acid to get rid of ants. You can buy borax as welding brazing flux powder at a welding supply store. The one pound can we bought cost P115. Here’s some recommendations for the use of boric acid we found online:

      Now, about that Secret Weapon: It’s just a mixture of boric acid and sugar water. The sugar in the mixture attracts the ants; the boric acid slowly poisons them after they eat it. Boric acid is usually available at your local drug store.

      There are several secrets to success for using this potion:
      Ratio — The proportion of boric acid to sugar water is important. If you make the mixture too weak, it won’t kill anything; if you make it too strong, it will kill the foragers before they can get back to the queen and deliver the poisoned food to her. We’ve found the following mixture to be about right: 1 cup water, 2 cups sugar, 2 tablespoons boric acid. You can make a smaller amount—you won’t need much—just keep the proportions the same.


      A similar approach was suggested by reader Hal in Texas, who wrote to let us know that his particular breed of troublesome little ants avoided sugar. However, he observed that they did not appear to have any restrictions on fat intake, and so Hal succeeded with this approach: “At least for the ants that I am having problems with, it appears that 1/8 teaspoon of boric acid powder to 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise or Miracle Whip is pretty close to the right ratio.”


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