Iloilo Airport – ground transportation: vans and taxis


Old Iloilo Airport in Mandurriao

Old Iloilo Airport in Mandurriao – bought by Megaworld and under mega development.

New Iloilo Airport Terminal

New Iloilo Airport Terminal

The recently opened, very expensive, magnificently landscaped and generally over-the-top new Iloilo airport is located in a bucolic location in Cabatuan, about one-half hour north of Iloilo City. It replaces the much more conveniently located, decrepit old airport in Mandurriao.  Bob gets a little curmudgeonly about the new airport because the old airport was about a fifteen minute drive from our apartment in Iloilo and the new one is more than an hour from Tigbauan.  The old one was funky, but seemed adequate for the limited traffic arriving and departing from Iloilo in 2006.  That has changed with more and more flights to and from Iloilo, including international flights.

Here is a gripe.  The airport is amazingly unwelcoming to those meeting flights.  When the airport first opened there was seating.  It was all taken out.  However, there is a nice banner talking about how the airport is anxious to please.  Since planes from Manila are regularly an hour or more late, the only choice to to stand or go to one of the pay concessions that offer seating.

Arrival area seating

Arrival area seating

May 2013, all seating removed

May 2013, all seating removed.  

Public parking is available at the Iloilo Airport — short term and long term.  We have left our car overnight at airport parking without a problem.  Long term parking is P250 per day.

The Bucolic Setting of the New Airport Reminds us of Vermont

The Bucolic Setting of the New Airport Reminds us of Vermont

Iloilo taxi drivers, generally good guys, resist using their meters for trips to the airport. We had friends visiting from the USA who were ripped-off by a taxi driver on their first visit to Iloilo. Also, the taxi drivers have turned the Iloilo-to-airport road into a racetrack in their rush to get to and from the airport in a minimum amount of time. We saw one taxi-on-taxi wreck on our last trip.

There’s an alternative. Shuttle vans leave the airport and travel to (and from) Jaro, SM City, Molo and other Iloilo City locations for 50 pesos, a bargain.  However, these vans also drive at breakneck speed.

When you arrive at ILO and exit the terminal, you’ll be besieged with offers of taxis and van transportation.  If you take a taxi, agree on the fare in advance, unless the driver wishes to use the meter.  See below for the official rate chart for fares to various points on Panay Island and Boracay.  These rates are negotiable with taxi drivers.  Generally there are lots of taxis available, so you can see if you can find one who will give you a discounted rate. Don’t be too obvious about this or you may trigger taxi driver solidarity.  Many airport taxi drivers also drive dangerously fast.  They are under pressure to make as many trips as possible.  You may want to negotiate a HIGHER fare for a saner ride.  For trips to Boracay, you may try for an  all-day rate, allowing you to have some chance to control taxi velocity and even some stops along the way.

iloilo_airport_taxi_rates iloilo_airport_taxi_rates-2



Taxi to Caticlan where you catch a boat to Boracay.


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