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Netflix Instant is a terrific and very popular  streaming video service which provides unlimited access to a wide range of movies and TV shows for a very reasonable $8.00 US per month.  Here is how to watch Netflix movies in the Philippines.

If you try to access Netflix (or the Superbowl, or Amazon content, or Nook content) from outside the USA the above message, or something similar, is what you’ll get.  Netflix can tell that you computer is outside the U.S. by means of your Internet Protocol Address (IP Address).  One way of connecting to sites in the U.S. when you are outside of the U.S. is though a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.  The VPN creates a secure tunnel to a server in the U.S.  Virtual private networks are widely used by businesses and government to make secure connections for travelling businessmen and officials.

 This screenshot shows us logging on to our virtual private network.  We use StrongVPN as our VPN provider.

Once we are logged on to our VPN, our internet connection is encrypted and the IP address is through a server in San Francisco, California.  Therefore, we are now able to log onto our Netflix account.

Now we are logged into our Netflix account and are able to select the movies we want to watch.  Like most others living in the provinces, we have a fairly slow internet connection.  Currently we use Globe’s WiMax.  At best, our connection is 100kbs.  We are amazed at how well streaming Netflix works for us.  We are in awe of what the Netflix engineers have been able to accomplish.  The quality of the streamed image does degrade when the connection is slow and sometimes the movie is delayed as the content catches up, but generally we are very, very pleased with how the service works for us.  It’s a real entertainment bargain at $8.00 per month.

Since we have a U.S. credit card and address signing up for the Netflix account presented no problems.  We are not sure what would happen if you tried to sign up using a non-US credit card.  If you try, please post a report in the comments section.

Accessing Netflix using our Globe WiMax does not seem to cause us to exceed Globe’s download caps.  Globe would like to see WiMax users use less than about 25 gigabytes of data per month.  If you download too much they “throttle” your connection to a very slow speed.  We have no way of knowing how much bandwidth a streaming Netflix movies will use.  Our rough calculation is about 250 megabytes for a movie. This is based on a connection speed of 75 kps.  Any comments on this question will be appreciated.

Remember too that the VPN connection is just not for NetFlix.  We used it to watch NBC’s coverage of the Superbowl and we use to to access content and applications for our Barnes and Noble Nook tablet.  It will also work for Amazon content for the Amazon Fire.  VPN also encrypts all your web traffic and makes browsing, especially banking, more secure.  For a discussion of the security advantages of VPN see

There are free VPN services.  See  this PC Week article,2817,2390381,00.asp   We signed up for VPN through one of the major VPN providers,  It costs us about $55 per year.  We consider money well spent because we use it almost every day of the year.  It has worked flawlessly and avoids some of the limitations of the free services.  The fact is that VPN has become another one of those “new necessities” that a few years ago we had never heard of.  Without VPN, we’d have no content for our Nook meaning we could not get the magazines and newspapers we enjoy and now no NetFlix movies and American sports broadcasts.   I’m not a big sports fan but when my son was here during the Superbowl, VPN allowed us to view NBC’s live Superbowl webcast.  Those who can get along without these things don’t need VPN.  If you sign up for Strong VPN using the above links, we will receive a small commission which will help support this site.


for Chinese language customers:



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    • Gary,

      We are not big sports fans so take our thought with a grain if salt. Not sure about the satellite situation. We had Dream satellite for a while. The programming was so lousy we dropped it. There is also GSat and Cignal. In many places there is cable TV. What you’ll be able to get depends on your provider. Just keep in mind that U.S. football is not particularly popular outside the U.S. When my son was visiting, he just had to see the Super Bowl. We checked sports bars in Manila and Iloilo and there did not seem to be anyone showing it. If you have a decent internet connection and a VPN connection you’ll be able to stream U.S. TV and Hulu. That’s what we did with the Super Bowl.

      Maybe others with more experience with tracking down U.S. programming can be of more help.



  1. Hi there,
    I’m a retired US Air Force veteran and have been living in Davao City with my wife for nearly 3 years now.
    I came across your site today doing a search for some questions I had about internet connectivity in Iloilo for a friend and found this article.

    I just thought I could pass on some useful information. VPN services are sketchy and can be costly.
    You can access US only content (hulu, netflix, etc…) by merely changing your DNS settings.

    Check out the link I provided and hopefully I’ve helped someone out.


    • Hi Brian,

      good am, i am from Samar , and came accross your note regarding
      accessing netflix (U.S.,Hulu) in the Philippines. Im wondering if you are using a Tab
      Android device? or just a PC? I have been trying to access NETFLIX but no luck because of restrictions being outside of U.S.

      I bought Amazon Kindlefire HD in USA, downloaded netflix, paid subscription with US credit card, tried it in USA prior to leaving and it worked! only to encounter a problem soon as i got home to Samar Island.

      anyways, enjoy your life there and hope to hear from you..

      thanks for the internet and the free flow of information

      sincerely yours



      • Bobby,

        Some tablets (such as iPad) allow you to connect through a VPN so you can avoid IP-based restrictions. Others do not. With those you have to have a VPN-enabled wireless router. Set-up can be complicated. Although I have a VPN capable router and a Nook tablet, I never even tried to get it set up. Another, potential problem with that is that you’ll be using VPN at all times.

        Hopes this helps a little.



      • Hi,
        I have accessed Hulu through my laptop, Nook (US Android tablet) and PS3 by connecting each device to my wireless router which uses the DNS settings provided at

        You do not need to connect to a VPN just view the site provided and change your DNS settings on your router.
        I am using PLDT as my ISP and have done this with GLOBE for a friend.

        Hope this helps!


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  3. re: Netflix file sizes –


    Thanks for the article!
    It will be interesting to see if i get the same good service (based on your recommendation) from same provider in a different city.

    My research shows not 250 MB /hour, but more like 1 to 1.6 GB /hour (for HD content).
    Which makes sense because my DVD to movie files are 0.7 to 1.7 GB for 85–300 minutes … decent for playback on my laptop.

    {LOL} So does this mean you are hosting a Super Bowl party next year?

    While surfing, came across this bit of info, dated Oct, 2011 ……
    “Moreover, the bandwidth cap [Globe Tattoo] has been increased from 25 GB to 90 GB a month—which should be more than enough to satisfy even the heaviest of downloaders.”


    • Good to hear from you again.

      NetFlix does have a video quality settings as follows:

      Good – up to .3gb per hour
      Better – up to .7gb per hour
      Best – up to 1gb per hour (or 2.3 for HD).

      With our connection we must be using “Good”. Further, it seems to me that streaming NetFlix adjusts itself to the customer’s bandwidth. When bandwidth is low it seems as if NetFlix degrades the video quality accordingly. When the bandwith is really low Netflix will pause playback to load enough data for the movie to continue.

      The actual speed of our connection is a bit (no pun intended) over my head. (when connected via my San Francisco VPN) is usually less than .5mbps. I my calculation is correct, that would be 450mb for one hour. When I down load a file with FTP I’ll get an indicated speed of 50 to 100kps.

      Regarding Globe bandwith limits, this is what I found on the Globe website:

      The Globe @Home broadband service currently provides the following peak volume capacity depending on your plan:
      For WiMax Postpaid 512 Kbps: 16 GB – 20 GB per account per month
      For WiMax Postpaid 1 Mbps: 21 GB – 25 GB per account per month
      For WiMax accounts with Speed Boost add-on or is installed starting on May 13, 2011:
      For WiMax Postpaid 512 Kbps: 1 GB per account per day
      For WiMax Postpaid 1 Mbps: 3 GB per account per day
      For WiMax Postpaid 2 Mbps: 5 GB per account per day

      I’ll definitely have to checkout the availability of the “Speed Boost” option. We have the WiMax Postpaid 1 Mbps plan and have not yet run into a problem with exceeding “fare use limits” even though we generally watch a movies every night plus our other internet use.




    • Thanks Dan. We used to listen to Vermont Public Radio (VPR) so my fingers want to type VPR not VPN. Regards! Bob


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  5. Bob,

    I am amazed how technology evolve in making ordinary people’s life better.
    In fact, I work for a large enterprise and my speciality is VPN technology setup and support among many other things that I do in the IT field, but in the Enterprise world it is mainly used to connect remote business users into the enterprise network, whether they are working from home or traveling on business. I am also have been using Netflex since day one it became available to Canadians, the quality is super, sometimes we are streaming multiple movies at the same time as my kids opt to choose another movie using another entertainment set in my home, and the quality is amazing, some movies are in HD. I have cancelled my TV satelite on the first day I subscribed to Netflix.

    Over time, the globe will become one village because of this information technology, and boundries will be erased. Enjoy it Bob!


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