Moving Apple Address Book Contacts to Google and to Windows Contacts

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This explains how I successfully transferred my Apple Address Book contacts from my Mac (an old, beloved Powerbook G4) into the Windows Contacts program on my new Asus laptop running Windows Vista SP2.  I tried a number of methods but this is what finally worked for me.

  1. On your Mac, download the utility “Address Book to CSV Exporter 1.3a” here:
  2. Run this simple program.  It will create a .csv file containing your Apple address book contacts.
  3. On your Mac, open Google Mail.  If you don’t have a Google account (and you should have one), you can open one just for this task and then discontinue it when done.
  4. On the left of the Google Mail window, you’ll see “Contacts’.  Click this.
  5. On the upper right you’ll see an “Import” button.  Click it.
  6. An “import” page will open up. At this point you’ll have to decide if you want to send ALL your contacts to Windows Contacts or just the ones from your Mac Address Book.  I wanted to import all my contacts so I chose not to create a new group but rather to add the stuff from Address Book to my existing Google contacts.
  7. Staying on the same page, click the “Choose File” function and navigate to the .csv file you created in Step 2.
  8. Google will import the contacts into your Google contacts.
  9. Once that is done go back to the Google contacts import/export page and click on export.
  10. Choose “Outlook CSV format (for importing into Outlook or another application)” as your export option.
  11. This will create a contacts.csv file, ready to be imported into your Windows PC
  12. You can move this to your PC on a Windows formatted USB thumb drive or email it to yourself.
  13. Open the Windows Contacts program.  On the top ribbon is an “Import” command.  Open this.
  14. Choose “CSV”
  15. Navigate to the Google created .csv file on your thumb drive and begin the import to Windows Contacts.

This worked flawlessly for me.  I hope this helps you.  Comments or corrections welcome.

Why would I want to move from years as a Mac user to a PC?  /buying-a-laptop-computer-philippines/

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