International Cost of Living – Philippines Compared with Everywhere Else

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If you have not heard of Numbeo, it’s an interesting site and service.  It collects and makes available  user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide including cost of living, housing indicators, health care, traffic, crime and pollution.  It includes three Philippine locations; Makati, Cebu City and Davao.  If a few of us contribute, perhaps Iloilo City might also make the list.

They have just released the 2013 cost of living indices at  It’s lots of fun to compare cost of living (and other factors such as crime) in the Philippines to other possible retirement locations.  While affordable, the Philippines is certainly not at the bottom of the cost of living ladder.  Chiang Mai Thailand is cheaper than Cebu City.  Much of Mexico is cheaper as is current retirement hot-spot Ecuador.  Here are a few examples:

On the country level, our data and research suggests that the most expensive countries are:
– Norway (index 173.85)
– Switzerland (151.77)
– Australia (133.66)
– Luxembourg (124.76)
– Denmark (119.95)
– Japan (115.24)
– Sweden (114.47)
– New Zealand (113.63)
– Bahrain (113.49)
– Iceland (112.43)

The least expensive countries are:
– India (30.92)
– Pakistan (33.41)
– Nepal (38.74)
– Algeria (41.49)
– Bolivia (41.50)
– Vietnam (43.21)
– Egypt (44.82)
– Bangladesh (44.83)
– Indonesia (46.14)
– Macedonia (46.48)

Cebu City is 51.04.

Another thing that pops-out is how inexpensive the U.S.A is compared with many other cities in the developed world.  Even New York is cheaper than most everywhere in Western Europe and Australia.  Is this another sign of the ebbing of America, or is it just due to the weak U.S. currency?

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