Philippine American Cemetery in Iloilo

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This cemetery appears to have been developed for as a burial ground for Americans in Iloilo during the later years of the American occupation of the Philippines.  It is located on the Commission Civil in the Jaro district of Iloilo City.  An old postcard refers to it as the “new” American Cemetery In Iloilo.  The postcard is dated 1928. The cemetery is now operated by the Philippine-American Cemetery Association of Iloilo City, Inc.  Membership is 60% Filipino and 40% American and is limited to residents of Panay Island, Guimaras and Negros Occidental.  The ground-level crypts in the cemetery are all in use or already sold.  The Association has constructed mausoleum structures to accommodate additional internments.   The Association has a multi-purpose hall on the site.


Iloilo Philippine American Cemetery from the road (Commission Civil)

Iloilo Philippine American Cemetery

Iloilo Philippine American Cemetery


Iloilo Philippine American Cemetery

Iloilo Philippine American Cemetery

Iloilo Philippine American Cemetery

Iloilo Philippine American Cemetery

Iloilo Philippine American Cemetery – Crypt of Charles B. Dodds


Iloilo Philippine American Cemetery – children’s crypts

Iloilo Philippine American Cemetery - postcard dated 1928

Iloilo Philippine American Cemetery – postcard dated 1928


The niches shown above are the only interment option currently available at the Philippine-American Cemetery.Further information.  The Association plans to establish a website which will provide information about those interred in the cemetery.

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  1. 11/29/17
    I just happened to pull up your website and looked at the pictures of the cemetery You have a snapshot of my grandfather Charles Burnett Dodds burial . last time I visited was over 17 years ago my Father James Augustus Dodds lays at rest at the same Cemetery. Ironically I have been thinking about my father and today I pulled up the cemetery hoping to glance at a possibility of seeing his burial site since I’m here in the USA. Graciously you have a picture of my grandfather’s which I am very grateful to see thank you
    James P. Dodds


  2. Haloo Mr. Hammerslag,
    Is there any way to know more information about your ancestor, especially my great-grandfather–who was a soldier during the Filipino-American War? He was assigned in Iloilo. Fell in love with a Capiceña, stayed here in the Philippines, abd started a family. That was the story I’ve known since childhood. Visited him this Memorial Day and the only additional informstion I got was the date of his birth and death. Other than that nada. Hope you could shed some light on how we can trace our genealogical table.

    Best regards,


  3. Hi Bob,
    Being born in the Philippines I really enjoyed your website. I left in 1964 and I am amazed on the progress. My grandfather Charles F. Kocher went to the PI during the Spanish American War and stayed in Iloilo, married my grandmother Maximina Fuentes and had 7 children. My grandfather is interred in the Philippine American Cemetery in about 1931. I would really liked to have a photo of his grave for our genealogical records. We do not have any relatives left in the PI and would like to know it is possible for you to take a photo of his grave (crypt) and email it to me. Our families will really appreciate it. Please let me know. Liz Fisher, Goldthwaite, TX.


    • Ms. Fisher,

      Thank you for your very kind comments about the website.

      We made our first visit to the Iloilo Philippine-American Cemetery just recently. Having done some work on my own family’s genealogy, I understand the interest in cemeteries. I did check to see if anyone had inventoried the graves at the PA Cemetery and did not find anything online. I thought to myself, there is a project for you Bob!

      As a start, I have to find where the office of the Cemetery Association is located to see what records they have. I am also interested in being buried there — but not yet!

      I will keep you posted.

      Bob Hammerslag
      Tigbauan, Iloilo


    • Hi Liz,

      I’m Richard CHARLES Kocher of Seattle, WA and I’m the son of Rick Paje Kocher, son of Carlos Antonio Kocher, son of Charles Francis Kocher. So, Charles would be my great great grandfather and my midde name sake. I just began researching my ancestry since I had my own child. I was wondering if you had a photo of Charles Francis? I also don’t have anymore family in the Philippines.




  4. There are a number of places in Iloilo City wherein you can find memorials and reminders of the US Occupation of Panay ie. Iloilo.
    There is a General Hughes Street in Iloilo City and an Spanish/American home used by the Spaniards and later by the American Occupying forces. The house was owned by a prominent Iloilo family and it was located in the above street I mentioned (Going towards Veterans Village, or Zamora Street. The last time I saw that was in the early 70’s. I am not sure if the building was demolished. The owners moved to Bacolod City. I was in Bacolod last January, 2014. My wife’s family and my late grandparents of La Paz are friends with the late owner of that historic Spanish/American Mansion in Iloilo City.
    Towards the South of Iloilo you will find other historic buildings and cemeteries where Spanish and Americans were buried.
    There is so many historic buildings in the Philippines destroyed by the Japanese Imperial Army during WW II. The Japanese never paid us for those destructions and atrocities they did to Pilipinos in the Philippines.
    The USA did more good than bad to us. Ironically, we have been putting more blames on the Americans than our own Asians brothers. You know also the challenges of our government.

    Thank you for sharing the great stories of Iloilo City. It is really a good place.



  5. U.S.W.V was an American veterans organization which consisted of veterans of the Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection and China Relief Expedition.


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