Recommended Iloilo City Real Estate Attorney

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We have had very good luck with Attorney Jeanette Ong, Casa Plaza Building (a former hotel which is now an office building, it adjoins the Atrium Shopping Center), Suite 210, Iloilo City, +63-336-3826, mobile 09209188170. Jeanette is a former Iloilo Registrar of Deeds. She specializes in real estate and has treated us in a honest and straightforward manner.

Another possibility is Attorney Florecita Gelvezon.  She represented the finance company which owned a property we were interested in buying.  The transaction did not work out but Attorney Gelvezon seemed capable and business-like.  Room 123 AB, St Elizabeth’s Center, Valeria Street, Iloilo City, 337-2412/336-2849.

St. Elizabeth’s Center is a good size office building on the south side of Valeria Street  between the  Valeria Street “side” entrance to the Atrium Shopping Center and the SM Delgado shopping center.  It contains dozens of doctor and dentist offices.

If you are arrested and need legal representation in Iloilo, the United States Embassy recommends:

Treñas, Treñas & Rubias Law Offices
2/F Golden Commercial Center
Iznart Street, Iloilo City
Telephone: (63-33) 337-3021 or 337-9964 or 335-1055
Fax number: (63-33) 335-1075

If you are arrested elsewhere in the Philippines see the complete United States Embassy list of recommended attorneys at:

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  1. good morning,

    “She represented the finance company which owned a property we were interested in buying”
    this is always a bad idea to use an attorney that is not urs, same for notary.
    they do nt represent you, you are not their client, it s even worse when they represent a company, interests are bigger and they might get long term partnership.

    You always need to get your own lawyer or notary who will really defend your interests.

    you can always search on google real estate lawyers, then search if they are some people commenting about them, ask your friends, family, owner if you are renting, etc etc…


  2. Hi. Thanks for the information. Are these the two real estate attorneys that you would still recommend in Iloilo? Any chance you have an email contact for either one? Thanks for your help.


  3. Hello,

    Thank you for this lovely website. So helpful !
    Wanted to ask how to find a reliable Attorney in Bohol for example. I thought of using your Iloilo recommendation, but I guess there will be expensive travel expenses.
    Any idea how to find a trustworthy attorney in Bohol?
    Thank you so much,


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