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Iloilo beaches and beach resorts. If you’d like to spend time in Iloilo City but want to stay at a nearby beach resort, here are a couple of options.  Nes and Tat’s Beach Resort in Oton is closer to the City and has a pool, Sol y Mar Beach Resort in Tigbauan is quieter and has a better beach.  Don’t expect to find Boracay quality white sand beaches near Iloilo City.  The sand is brownish.

Sol y Mar Beach Resort, Tigbauan, Iloilo

Sol y Mar is a beach resort in Tigbauan, on the National Highway, about 20 KM west of Iloilo City. While we have not stayed there overnight, friends have, we have dined there many times, looked at the cottages and had a tour of the resort facilities.  We live only a short walk away.  There is a restaurant offering basic dining options; grilled seafood, chicken and pork as well as sandwiches.  Especially recommended are the breakfasts, brewed coffee and buko shakes.  Sol y Mar is a favorite of ours because of the spacious, well landscaped ocean front grounds and peace and quiet.

Sol y Mar Cottage

Sol y Mar Cottage

Sol y Mar-2

Private dining area

Sol y Mar-3

Sol y Mar-4

Pavilion used for wedding and other events

Sol y Mar-5

Sol y Mar accomodations

Sol y Mar-6

These picnic shelters are available for rent for those who would like to bring their own food and drink

Sol y Mar-7

Open air dining room at Sol y Mar. They serve wonderful breakfasts as well as lunch and dinner.  Free wi-fi


Breakfast at Sol y Mar


Cottage at Sol y Mar

Individual Cottage at Sol y Mar

For us, Sol y Mar is the best option for those who want stay overnight at a real beach resort, one good enough for swimming, but still close to the urban amenities of Iloilo City. It’s also a good option for those in Iloilo City who want to get away to the beach for the day.  One big advantage of Sol y Mar is that the resort itself controls quite a large beach front, plus adjoining large properties are undeveloped.  This means the water quality is better because there are no failing septic systems nearby. Sol y Mar is a venue for many weddings and photo shoots.

Many local beach resorts cater to a  local clientele.  They can be crowded and noisy, especially on weekends.  This can be enjoyable, but may be a disappointment for a foreigner seeking quieter pursuits.  Sol y Mar is ideal for the later.

Sol y Mar Reception Building

You can come and use the beach for a P40 per person (P20 for children). You can rent a very nice picnic shelter for the day for P300 or you can rent an air con cottage for P1400 to P1500. The cottages are nicely designed and the entire resort well landscaped  and meticulously maintained. The restaurant is open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

From the resort you can walk the beaches. but can also walk into Tigbauan proper, visit the extensive market or the 18th century Spanish church.  Ask the resort owner for directions for a short and pretty walk to the atmospheric ruins of a Muscovado sugar mill, sheltered under huge Acacia trees.

You can get to Sol y Mar via a Tigbauan, Guimbal or Miagao jeepney or by taxi from the airport or from Iloilo City.

Phone: 033-511-8288

Mobile: 0919-891-4555


Web site:


Another Iloilo Resort Option: Nes and Tat’s Beach Resort, Oton Iloilo

Ness and Tat's Beach Resort, Iloilo

Nes and Tat’s Beach Resort, Oton Iloilo

Nes and Tat’s Beach Resort is an option for visitors to Iloilo City who want to stay at a beach resort with a swimming pool.  It’s in Botong, Oton, perhaps 15 km west of Iloilo City. It has a nice pool, a dining pavilion, lots of pretty picnic shelters and cottages so you can go there for a day or overnight. Admission is P15. Use of Pool is P40. Picnic shelters are P250 and up. There is a restaurant but we have been disappointed with it. Room rates (4 persons) P2400. The location is on the National Highway but the resort is nicely landscaped so you probably won’t be too bothered by traffic noise.  Contact 033-337-8353 or 033-337-8392.  Sol y Mar in Tigbauan is a little further from Iloilo City and may be better for those seeking peace and quiet.

Cottages at Nes and Tat's Beach Resort, Iloilo

Cottages at Nes and Tat’s Beach Resort, Oton, Iloilo

Bearland Resort, Tigbauan, Iloilo

Bearland Resort, Tigbauan, Iloilo

Bearland Resort is a more upscale resort.  See for more information.

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  1. My business partners were wanting WA TD-420-065 earlier today and were informed of an excellent service with 6 million forms . If you need to fill out WA TD-420-065 too , here’s


  2. Pwede po bha makita ung page ng nes and tats ung rates nila for accomodation…thanks po


    • Sorry, we are just bloggers. We shared our experiences in the article you read. You will have to contact the business to get their current rates.


  3. Sol y Mar Resort gets my highest recommendation! We were staying there overnight for short vacation three times so far, and we’ll return for sure. The cottages—traditional facade, but contemporary interior—, especially those with dipping pool, are soo wonderful 🙂


  4. Author : Charlie
    E-mail :

    Hi Bob & Carol,
    My wife and I would like to see the Dinagyang Festival next January, and I’m wondering if it would be a major inconvenience for us to stay at Sol Y Mar, Tigbauan, and commute back and forth to the city, or would we be better of staying in Iloilo? I notice that there are not many accommodations still available for festival time, I presume one would have to book far in advance.


    You’ll have to make your own calculation about the inconvenience of commuting to Iloilo from Tigbauan for Dinagyang. There is the minus of transportation and the plus of being at a quiet beach resort.

    There are a number of options. There are taxis that wait near Tigbauan plaza early every morning. They charge P50 per person to take you to Molo. You also might be able to flag down a taxi in front of Sol y Mar. That may cost more. Also, there is a taxi company based in Tigbauan (M Taxi) which could take you to Iloilo and back home. That would be more convenient put more expensive. From Molo you can take a jeepney downtown. You can flag down a Ceres Liner bus going by Sol y Mar. It will take you to the Mohon or Molo bus terminal. You can then take a jeepney downtown. There are also lots of jeepneys travelling from Tigbauan to the Mohon terminal. I don’t like the jeepneys as they are often packed and drive too fast. I am not 100% sure how much busier these would be as a result of Dinagyang. My guess is not much.

    Hope this helps.

    Bob and Carol


  5. Does anyone has a contact or info of bearland resort in tigbauan iloilo?

    thanks for your help…appreciated! 🙂


  6. You’ll have to contact the resort directly:

    Sol y Mar Family Beach Resort


    km. 20+800, Tigbauan, Iloilo 5021
    Panay, Philippines

    Mobile No. +63 919 891 4555
    Telephone No. (033) 511 8288


  7. great info on the page! 4 thumbs up, all about the place, the accommodation, and contact infos… I salute you!!! hope more exemplary infos to come!


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