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My nephew Doug Grant, a serious biker, is full of praise for the bicycle shops and mechanics of Iloilo City.  He says, “the best bikes shops in Iloilo are invisible to Google on not on Yellow Pages etc.  They are found only through social contact riding with Filipinos.

These are GREAT bike shops, very impressive and bike-tech savvy
owners. They can build custom mountain bikes of high professional quality
that are thoughtfully suited to the road conditions here in the

Good news also is that component prices are low, making the
Philippines a great place to build your dream mountain bike.

Gea Marketing Bike Shop
Owner Geoffrey Stephen L. Templora
19 Mabini Street (near Gen Luna, no street number on bldg)
Iloilo City
Cell 0920 9274544
Tel  033-5009597

Value Bike Shop
Owner Jimmy Ng
Cell 090 8361 9921
Across from St. Clemens Church / Lapaz

Iloilo biking photos at!/grantdoug?sk=photos

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  1. This is good to know Bob. I was going to buy a new Trek bike before I came but now I may not. Knowing I can have a good quality bike built there may be the way to go.


    • Randy, I believe the bike shop featured has closed or moved but I suspect you’ll not have a problem having a nice bike put together. There’s really an enthusiastic crop of bikers in this area. Bob


  2. Thank you for this posting. I’m becoming an avid/recreational cyclist myself and I plan to bring a mountain bike with me next year when I visit Iloilo again. I however realized that it would be quite an expensive proposition with airline luggage restrictions, etc. I will definitely visit these bike shops instead to have my bike built there. I already have made contacts with a few friends in Iloilo to come with me to Guimaras island for a weekend ride and I am greatly looking forward to it.

    Bob, thanks once again for the very useful information I always get from your website.

    Best regards!


  3. Did he come to visit, Bob?? did he buy one? I know a few friends in Iloilo who do long distance riding.


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