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At we like to give credit to small Filipino businesses that have given us good service.  This is to recognize the businesses, the people who run it, and to share the information with our readers who may one day need the service themselves.

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We had passed this neat, small repair shop in Arevalo many times on the way from our home in Tigbauan on the way into Iloilo City, but we had no need of any such repair on our Kia Sorento.  Then one day the lock on the rear tailgate stopped working.  We could not open the tailgate with the key fob push button, nor with the key.  Our initial thought was to take the vehicle to the Kia dealer in its new location on Diversion Road.  However, the Sorento has lots of electronic gadgets and we were afraid the electronic locking mechanism would need to be repaired, at a high cost.  Before we sold our Toyota Innova we had to replace a tiny windshield washer pump.  The part alone was over $100.  So, we decided to give the local shop in Arevalo a try.

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The shop is run by a young couple (shown above) Juvelyn Bayaron and her husband, who we are happy to praise for their entrepreneurial zeal.  Their shop was small and their inventory and tools not extensive but they did not let that deter them.  The walls were painted white and the tools were neatly hung on hooks.  The neatness of their operation was what really caused us to give them a try.  It took about an hour for them to find that the problem was not electrical or anything expensive to repair.  A metal link between the actuator and the lock mechanism had come loose, probably from slamming the hatch too forcefully too many times.  They reattached the link and used ties to prevent it from coming loose in the future.  The hatch was put back together and it worked perfectly and has so ever since the repair.  The cost was P600 or about $13.50.  We were happy to have our Sorento working again and I’m sure the young couple was happy to have the P600.  Our hats are off to them and we wish them success in their business.  Their mobile numbers are 0946-808-8161 and 0910-283-5412.  Just keep in mind that they offer many services, but we only had this job done.  We can’t comment on how they would do with other work.

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  1. Bob and Carol

    I do appreciate everyone’s response.
    What I will be doing? I will do myself the leak test on my car.

    1-Order on line the Pressure Gage and the can dye adapter leak tester, which is around 55 US for the pressure Gage. and 10 USD for the leak dye tester can.

    All it is a can with special dye that will cost me around 10 US, to be adapted like it was a freon tank, except it is just dye, non-toxic, non-stain and it does bio degrades in just hours. No need to refill with AC freon.

    Very simple first step to minimize and before dismantling the wrong or any functioning major AC component of the car.

    Yes, you need night vision light for that!

    My military night vision flash light carries that feature. It is invisible light to the naked eye, but with the NVG flash light, will impose the leak, once beam as a shinny melting florescent silver mark. Yes, you have to wash those AC parts before the test. remove all grime or dirt around the AC hoses.

    Once the broken culprit is replace, I will reinstall the AC freon on my car.


  2. WONDERFUL …… = thanks so much for this link / (perhaps) well needed just-in-time.
    One of my VW-Polo’s Front Door Windows’ cable is broken = will see, WHAT they can do for me ….
    I will report again !
    Regards, Joaquin …..


  3. I’m glad you fixed it , at a very decent price.
    My AC in my Nissan 2009 Livina went out completely!
    It has a leak, for which I cannot pin point!
    For one, I am not willing to subject to any local AC technicians that lacks the proper equipment or training.
    1- Such as a leak tester, to narrow down the issue!
    2- Most of the time, the basic tools are worn out or malfunctioning.
    Example: Gauge pressure tester, will be broken or not calibrated, tapping the glass of the gauges is not the solution.
    Another matter:
    Immersing a major component into the water tank too verify for leaks, is not the proper method as a star-up. I don’t like guessing games.
    Dismounting and Mounting a car dash will not be the same again, If it is done improperly!
    That is just my opinion.
    Any advise will be welcome!


    • David,

      The AC shop we used was recommended by a friend. Being from New York, I was not really that knowledgeable about AC. The process was terrifying to watch, but in the end all was fine and affordable. So far so good.

      Good luck with your Livina.

      Bob and Carol


    • Well, u may call and try (private refrigeration-experienced, car & house, Aircons & Refs, etc.) RAMON ESCOTO: 09366-87-3311 & mention my name JOAQUIN (0906-555-435)
      (p/s = I know him for over 15-years already, especially for my car ……).


  4. if it is not too much, did you buy your KIA sorento in IloIlo ? we are currently preparing our retirement house, but in Laguna Province and i been following your post, to learn from the many experiences that you share on your blogs, I learned a lot about AC, Thank you so very much for any adivise or comment you can share

    GOD bless always


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