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  1. The author of the article said:

    On the other hand, rules can be waived if the customer establishes a personal relationship with a bank official, most likely the branch manager.

    My Opinion is based on my own experience:

    The above article is basically saying: Hey Guy, I got money! could we talk secretly? That is basically “SHOWING IGNORANCE”, Doing things the easy way!
    Doing things like that will get you rip-off or in jail!

    What you need to do: go in person to the banks teller, pick your waiting number, like every body else, then, they will direct you to one of the financial officer with information, what is required for a savings bank account! Simple as that!

    Honestly, I would not trust the posted, recommend comments . It lacks some true merit amd semi shady.

    The only two banks that I have done business with, are BPI and BDO. That is what I still using, to finance, the new condo, sold the land and we finace a new car, legally and without isuues. Yes, you are required to have an ACR card from the government. The two cars are under my name, including the condo. except the land, which is on my wife name only by law.

    Hey, I have acomplished all that in shorts and sandals with an grizzly overgrown beard and long hair.

    Don’t Forget your humor and smile…. Be honest with your questions and always understand they are a bank not a loan shark! they are here to make money from you.


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