Grocery (and other) Prices in Iloilo Philippines – Live

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We thought other might be interested in our live list of the cost of groceries, diesel, gasoline, and electricity in Iloilo City, but including some prices from the S&R store in Baclaran, Manila. You should be able to click this link and open an online Excel spreadsheet. We’ll keep it updated.

This is the link:

Let us know if you have any problems opening this link.

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  1. Hello, Bob!
    Thank you for this interesting blog!
    I wonder what are the current prices for food now in Iloilo?
    For chiken, rice, pork and potatos for example?
    And are there any trycycles or taxies or mostly jeepneys?

    Thanks in advance
    Take care


    • Hi Mary,

      Here are the prices you requested. Of course there are some variations based on the season (Christmas more expensive) and where you shop. These are the prices we typically pay, mostly at public markets:

      Chicken P115 per kilo
      Pork P180 per kilo
      Beef P230 per kilo
      Potato P45-50 per kilo
      Rice ordinary is about P33 per kilo, nice Dinorado P50

      There are loads of taxis and jeepneys. Trikes are more popular on less major roads.

      Hope this helps.

      Bob and Carol


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