Grocery Prices in Iloilo, Philippines

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December 14, 2008

We just got back from grocery shopping in Iloilo City and thought we’d share the prices we paid.

Iloilo Central Public Market:

  • Pork loin P140 per kilo
  • Squid P150 per kilo
  • Mangos P80 per kilo
  • Bananas (Lacatan) P40 per kilo
  • Cucumber P40 per kilo
  • String Beans P30 per kilo
  • Squash P20 per kilo
  • Cabbage P60 per kilo
  • Large Eggs P60 per dozen
  • Red Onions P60 per kilo
  • Potatoes P50 per kilo
  • Carrots P40 per kilo

At the Iloilo Supermarket:

  • Chicken Breast with Wing P127 per kilo
  • Iloilo “Pina” Smoked Ham P350 per kilo
  • Baguette – small French bread P29 per loaf
  • Bran Bread – P43 per loaf

August 2011 update.  Prices have not really changed very much.  However, rice and seafood prices have gone up.

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  1. Natie,

    How do theses Iloilo grocery prices compare with Zabar’s in Manhattan? It would be fun to have a two-column comparison!



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