Cost of Cesarean Section in the Philippines

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Carol’s sister had a cesarean (caesarian, c-section) section at a Philippine provincial hospital in Lucena City, Quezon Province in 2006.  The total cost was P34,000.  FilHealth, the Philippine national health insurance program, paid P8,000 of the total for a net cost of P26,000.  This shows why making sure all members of your Philippine family are signed up for PhilHealth makes such good sense.  The monthly premium for PhilHealth family coverage is P100 about $2.00.

Foreigners may be covered under the Philippine spouse’s PhilHealth plan.

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  1. My wife had a baby in Baguio City at, supposedly, the best hospital in Baguio,i.e. Notre Dame. She was in a private room and had to stay for a week and a half due to her and the baby having an infection. In August 2009 the total cost came to about 56,000 pesos. She was very happy with the staff and the care she received.


  2. In Manila Top hospital can charge 100-200 thousand pesos for A CS. The likes of St. Luke’s, Makati Med, Asian Hospital or Medical City. Then some private hospital may offer 60-80 thousand. Then the good hospitals in the province like Bulacan, Pampanga,batangas and the likes can offer them from 30-60 thousand. The public hospitals charge for CS is around 20-30 depending on how the Doctor charge their professional fees. So it all depends on the credential of the doctor and the type of hospital that is the basis of the amount.


  3. Dear sirs i am american and everything i do they raise the prices my wife gave birth to a baby girl when i got the package deal it cost 8,000 pesos but all the things that the package deal didn’t cover we paid up front it totaled about 26,000 but the things i saw in the hospital and the doctors made me think that things were not right in river city a lot of c- sections and they ran about 100,000 pesos i took my baby girl to her first check up she is yellow the doctor he told me that it would be best to admit her but the hospital it just seems to care about money and its a catholic hospital i was raised in the city and i felt this doctor was just trying to get me to pay more money or hussel me i told him no i got home i got on my computor the paper he said was high or the numbers he said were not so i told my wife to find a good baby doctor and we can go from there thanks you were a great help frank


  4. anyone ever here of a 1 month 1 week stay at sacred heart hospital in cebu for premature baby, including delivery, meds, etc costing about 250,000pesos?


    • hello Jason, i am sorry that this reply is probably to late to help you. Although i visit mpl regularly because it is so interesting, i do not often go “backwards“ on the site.
      SH Cebu is supposed to be one of the better hospitals: i believe it is a university hospital.
      250,000php for 1 month and one week is about 6,750PHP for one day : £100.00 GB pounds per day. An equivalent here would be around £300.00 per day, for a total of around one million php.
      A top hotel in Manila will cost at least 13,000php per day, just, basically, for a bed, breakfast, and a few nice soaps (that is, i know, simplistic). No doctors or nurses, no medical facilities, no specialised medical knowledge.
      I think that what i am trying to say is that, although 250 thousand is a large amount, (and to most pilipinos a vast amount), for one month and one day it does not seem too high. I sincerely hope that the mother and child had an excellent outcome.
      I would like to reiterate something that Bob, and others that have had far more experience of the philippines, than myself point out. It is better never to send money to the philippines if you cannot supervise/restrict its use: unless you can afford to lose it completely. It is rarely stolen, but it might well be used for purposes other than those you wished for, because ” it is available, so we`ll use it”.
      you obviously do not `need“ it, otherwise you could not have sent it!!!
      there is an almost desparate need for money amongst most pilipinos, not for personal greed, but just to `get-by`.
      I have recently had to pay 65,000php for 3 nights (4 days) in a top Angeles City hospital for a small ant bite that became infected. That is 16,250 per day. I hope that puts things in perspective a little bit. best wishes.


  5. hi there, my wife had her first child by cs in feb this year. she really wanted a natural birth, but serious complications arose at 4 weeks premature, (pre-eclampsia), so she had no choice. baby boy was/is fine and total cost was around 70,000php in excellent hospital in angeles city. this figure includes 5 days in private room, meals, and truly truly excellent medical care, including a `bikini-line` stitching job that is now impossible to detect, it was done so finely.
    this this figure did not include necessary drugs and medication stuff, which i had to purchase as,or just before, they were needed.
    i could not think of any way to improve the treatment she received.
    obviously it could have been totally free in uk, but if i had tried to have a private birth in uk it might well have cost me around 250,000 php (£3500.00).
    I wrote this to add another perspective to this subject, and bring it up-to-date a little.

    Added info: The hospital was Mother of Perpetual Help Hospital, Sto. Entierro street, Angeles City.
    It does not look very pre-possessing outside, but is very clean inside, extremely well organised, is owned by american trained doctors, and the care is excellent. This last week,,up until yesterday, my partner was there being treated for typhoid fever , but came home today. It`s a horrible thing to catch, as i had it last february in Baguio. Very debilitating, but clears up quickly and completely when connected up to a drip and antibiotics!


    • Graeme,

      Thanks very much for this excellent information. I’m glad all worked out well for you and your wife. Would you like to give the name of the hospital and doctor so that others in that region may consider using them them?



  6. Graham,

    Sorry, we are not familiar with installment payment plans in the Philippines, but Bob paid in advance this way when his son was born in Vermont USA and he did not have medical insurance.

    You’ll have to contact the business offices of the hospitals you’re considering. We know this is not easy from abroad. Perhaps you could save the money in advance yourself and then shop for the best package deal with the various hospitals and doctors. Get the deal in writing if you can. I have heard of one than more instance of substantial additional charges even when a fixed price has been given.

    Chug Hua and Cebu Doctor’s Hospital are considered top Cebu City hospitals, but a normal birth does not require sophisticated medicine. Unless there is a definite medical necessity the better and cheaper choice is a vaginal birth. A Caesarean is major surgery with far more risk.

    Best wishes,

    Bob and Carol


  7. I also have been told that to have a plan before you go to the hospital on a monthly basis. That you set up a dirct debit with whoever the hospital is in advance for a cesarean birth. I have been told around 1000 php per mth making it around 9000php or even 10,000php to have the baby. Normal birth is cheaper but its best for the ceasarean and then you are covered. I have been told that it could cost as much as £1600 or 160,000 php if you decide to leave it until the birth. I dont have and with the fact that I may be able yet to bring to the UK to have it I dont mind loosing £80 or £90 up front. The probs with the Phil Health plan is that there are many forms to fill in and can be hard in getting money out when you need them to pay up. The hospital plan I have been told is better but you have to sort out at the time that she knews she is expecting the terms and conditions. If you leave it for more then 2 months, you will not be able to take out this policy.

    I am in the UK right now and not sure how and why and when to turn to in paying this. What would be the best cause of action here. I know its looks more feasible in sending money on a monthly basis but could this be done here from my bank to their acct in Cebu?


  8. My sister-in-law’s c-section was in a private provincial hospital — in Lucena City. Further, she was in a four patient ward. A private room in one of the better Manila hospitals (such as St. Luke’s, Asian Hospital, Medical City) can drive up the cost considerably. This is in part because all of your hospital costs (including doctor fees) can be based on how deluxe your room is. My sister-in-law did not want a private room. She thought it would be too lonely!

    It’s always possible money you send for medical gets spent for other things. My advice is to require that your girlfriend provide you with official receipts for all her expenses. I have to ask if you are certain the baby is yours. Good luck!


  9. Hi,

    I have a philippino girlfriend, she lives in manila and is due to have a cs operation in 2 weeks. she sent me a message today saying her operation will cost 100-120K, it seems very expensive and from you have said it is. Do you have any advice? I have already spent over 100K for her hospital bills during her pregnancy.


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