Carol makes a walis “ting ting” – the Philippine broom of coconut fiber

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The traditional Philippine broom is made from fibers stripped from the Buri or Coconut Palm.  Such fibers are called “ting ting”.  Here’s how the indefatigable Carol makes a ting ting broom from a dwarf coconut in our back yard.  Carol learned how to make these broom from her mother.  When she was young, Carol and her family made these brooms for sale.  They sold them for ten centavos.  Today such a broom costs ten Philippine pesos in the Tigbauan public market.  That’s about twenty-five U.S. cents.

Carol stripping the fibrous core from the coconut palm fronds


The fibers start to pile up

Enough ting ting to make a broom

Carol’s freshly made broom above, one from the market below.

Real cute maid uses walis ting ting!

The dwarf coconut we planted in your yard three years ago. The wall behind the palm is seven or eight feet high.

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  1. hi how are you we love your website and we have a house in Cabubugan Guimbal and originally i’m from Dumangas and we would like to contact you and Bob and we are going back to see my family this coming march and how could we could contact with you?

    Tom and Helen Neal


    • Tom and Helen,

      I did reply to your email but my email was returned as undeliverable.

      Bob (


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