Bargain furniture and household goods in Iloilo City.

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Many newcomers to Iloilo City are faced with furnishing houses or apartments, most of which come unfurnished. Here is some experienced advice on furnishing your new Iloilo City residence.

Mandaue Foam on General Luna street offers Ikea-like furniture.  We bought much of our furniture at Mandaue Foam, usually during one of their frequent sales.  Much of the furniture was Mahogany and from Malaysia.  The quality is good for the price, but it might not be as good as it was when we bought ours five years ago.  Even on sale, it’s not inexpensive.

Here is an alternative.  There are two related businesses which import used housewares from South Korea and sell them for reasonable prices.

We bought two of these huge wardrobes from Precious Gold.

Two of three of these huge wardrobes from Precious Gold.


Most wardrobes for sale in Iloilo may look okay, but are built of particle board, but ours are of solid pine, although the Koreans are very proficient at not using any more lumber than necessary.  Further, some Korean furniture has an ornate/oriental look which may or may not be to your taste.

There are two affiliated Korean surplus stores in Iloilo.  Golden Textile has a bigger range of merchandise.  Aldeguer Street forms the northerly  side of the Iloilo Central Market.  Golden Textile on on the side of Aldeguer Street across from the market, closer to Iznart St. than the public market.

golden textile sign


Precious Gold is easy to find. It’s on Quezon Street, only a few steps from the Quezon Street entrance to Robinson’s Place Mall.

Here is a customer looking at wardrobes at Golden Textile

Here is a customer looking at wardrobes at Golden Textile.  Golden Textile will deliver these bulky items to your house or apartment for a modest fee.  The truck will not be covered.  Make sure you document the condition of your furniture (photos?) and to tell the staff that you expect no damage.  All are going to be cooperative and open to suggestions.

Find decent cookware outside of Manila is a challenge. Premium products such as All-Clad have to be brought with you from your home country. The nice All-Clad clone sets of pots and pans such as you might find at Sam’s Club are not available. What is available at SM and Robinson’s are expensive. If you don’t mind using used cookware (and remember new cookware is going to be used cookware as soon as you use it) check out the cookware at Golden Textile. Some of it is quite high quality, better than anything you’ll find elsewhere in Iloilo City.


More cookware in a photo that also show the variety of merchandise available.


This photo is from the second floor of Golden Textile which contains mostly furniture. A cardinal rule is to negotiate prices. You might be told no, prices are fixed but keep at it. The sales clerks, all lovely young Filipinas, may not have any authority to bargain, but go to the front counter and speak with the higher ups.

We have NO business relationship with either of these businesses except we have spent a great deal of money at these stores. In fact, we’d probably be better off not publicising them because you might start shopping there getting the nicer stuff before we do.

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  2. Bob and Carol, do they have these furniture stores in Laguna or close to Laguna? I need to furnish my house with in expensive furniture’s.

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