3D Appliance Parts in Iloilo

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The 3D brand of small appliances is one the most popular in the Philippines. We we first arrived we bought three 3D 18″ oscillating floor fans. We bought them because they seemed to be sturdy, having a metal motor frame. We paid around P1,300 for each of the fans. Now, three years later one of the fans needed repairs to the gearbox which runs the oscillation function. We were happy to find 3D has a website at http://3-d.com.ph/ which told us there was a 3D service center in Villa: Electrorac Service Center, phone 33-336-1057.  It’s located on the Iloilo-Oton National Highway in Arevalo near a veterinarian’s office.  We went there are were able to order the parts we needed.  We left a deposit.  The parts arrived from Manila in about ten days.  We were very happy with the service we received.

The fans we bought http://3-d.com.ph/product/CHV-18 have given us good service.  They have run for almost continuously for three years.   They are sturdy with almost all metal construction.  Our main complaint is that the chrome plating is thin and the steel grills are now quite rusty.  Still, overall we can recommend this product and 3D post sale service.

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  3. I like the brand name Camel, not only tey are build solidly but the blades output vs air flow is more powerfull the manufsacturing of camel fans is more directly incline towards industrial type fans.

    3d products due have some pros and cons, but some of the product line up is limited vs other local brands.

    Do you know how to test the wind output of fan?


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